Energy Efficient Roofing In Tulsa, OK

It seems like a lot of things these days are labeled energy efficient.  Now, whether that is due to energy-efficiency being a hot button these days or because more things than ever are being designed this way–we don’t know. But what we do know about is roofing.  And one roofing material that has been popular for decades and energy-efficient really before energy efficiency was a thing is–metal roofing and should be a consideration for your Tulsa home or business.

Metal Roofing Reflects The Sun’s Heat Off Your Tulsa Home

Metal roofing is energy efficient in large part due to the properties of the metal itself.  You see, Metal roofs are reflective and also have coatings applied, which reflect the sun’s radiation–which is great for warmer climates. Asphalt shingles, on the other hand, store heat–which makes for a piping hot roof in the summer and does not do any favors for the temperature inside your home either.

Metal Roofs Also Save Energy In Your Tulsa Home

More and more metal roofs are being installed in response to the demand for home and commercial energy-savings.  In fact, a study by the U.S. Department of Energy outlined just why metal roofs promote energy conservation and the answer surprisingly has to do with how the roof is installed.

You see, metal roofing is attached with a batten/counter-batten system that allows airflow underneath.  Airflow, quite simple decreases the flow of heat around the metal roof, and the ventilation above the sheathing. This simple construction features, researches found, add up to  25 percent reduction in cooling costs.

Why Metal Roofing Is A Good Idea For Your Tulsa Home

While metal roofing is obviously a good idea because of their energy efficiency, these roofs are also great for the environment–being recyclable and made, many times from recycled materials.  Furthermore, metal roofing will last for 40 to 70 years–meaning they are highly durable too.

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