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CertainTeed: Innovative, Sustainable Roofing Products for Tulsa

United Roofing Pros offers a complete line of innovative and sustainable products through CertainTeed. This company has over 110 years of building products experience and currently offers exterior and interior options for commercial and residential properties in the Tulsa area. One of the most exciting things about CertainTeed is that they are committed to sustainability through offering high performing, affordable products while reducing overall environmental impacts. We are proud to offer this professional brand of roofing products for our customers.

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CertainTeed Residential & Commercial Roofing Options

CertainTeed offers a variety of residential and commercial roofing options including shingles, cap sheets, flashing membranes, and SBS modified bitumen adhesives. Our experienced team at United Roofing Pros can install a full range of stylish and durable roofing products directly through CertainTeed. Their shingles come in an array of colors to compliment any trim, stucco or siding.

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Recommended CertainTeed Products

We confidently recommend the CertainTeed Landmark series of shingles that replicates cedar shake roofing for customers looking for a more traditional style of roofing products. CertainTeed also offers the Patriot brand of shingles that provides advanced color technology with a multi-layered effect. For our commercial property customers, our recommended CertainTeed product is the Flintlastic SA roofing membrane. This is an amazing option for low-slope applications and is an approved ENERGY STAR product. The Flintlastic SA also comes in 7 colors to suit your preferences.

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Tulsa Carriage House Roofing Shingles

Living in the Tulsa metro region and deciding on a company to replace your roof can be a daunting endeavor for most homeowners. It’s important to look for a company you can both trust, and one in which their previous quality of work is professional and of the highest quality.

CertainTeed residential roofing materials are a wonderful choice for your home project. They offer an impressive array of colors that compliment any trim, stucco or siding. Learn how you can choose the best contractor for your Tulsa home with some pointers from the CertainTeed team.

CertainTeed residential roofing shingles come in many colors, styles, and patterns. Living in Tulsa, you can choose from a variety of designs including Grand Manor, Carriage House, Belmont, Arcadia Shake, Presidential, and much, much more.

CertainTeed’s products’ random colors and textures better accent the steep roof planes, turrets, and gable features of roofs. Asphalt roof shingles are the most popular roofing material used on homes across Tulsa. These residential shingles are designed to protect your home through decades of weathering with minimal upkeep, and are available in hundreds of colors and styles.

CertainTeed Landmark Roofing Shingles in Tulsa

United Roofing Pros: Your Source for CertainTeed in Tulsa

If you are in Tulsa or one of the surrounding areas, please give United Roofing Pros a call today to learn how our roofing service specialists can help you. We offer free estimates and can help walk you through the CertainTeed process for professional roofing repair or replacement to your home or commercial properties.

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