It is that time of year again here in Tulsa when the weather turns chilly and the days get shorter. You probably have even seen the leaves starting to change. That’s right it is fall and that means there are a ton of things to look forward to: pumpkin carving, apple picking and a plethora of autumnal colors. But, one thing that nobody looks forward to but is here nonetheless is–fall roofing maintenance. While it is boring and mundane it is still very necessary to keep your Tulsa home warm and protected from the elements as winter blows in. It is the first and most important step to keep your Tulsa home’s roof looking nice, longer too. So, below are three easy and critical activities for you to do before the real cold starts to keep your roof maintained. 

 1: Get Roofing Inspection

Even if you don’t see problems, it doesn’t mean your roof is in great condition. In fact, most roof damage you won’t see until it is too late. Expensive repairs often are silent but could have been caught earlier if an inspection was done. This is why having a roofing professional here in Tulsa inspects your roof is key to roofing success. It allows them to see and deal with deeper rooted problems that may not be visible from the ground. Quick fixes on small issues done before damage turns into a serious problem are common after a roof inspection. Therefore, a fall inspection will save you from having a critical problem and needing repairs mid-winter.

2: Make Roof Repairs

Never a good idea, a lot of people hold off on repairs even after knowing there could be damage there. Things like missing, broken, or damaged shingles are a sign that more damage could be beneath. These things are not hard or expensive to fix. And, when repaired immediately, these small fixes will save you money down the road on larger repairs. -Once winter begins, and snow, water, ice, begin to bombard your roof, any small issues will be greatly exacerbated.

3: Clean Gutters and Trim Trees

True the autumn leaves are lovely but as a homeowner, you know all too well that they cause issues for roofs and gutters. Getting your gutters cleaned before or during fall just makes sense to keep them intact and get out the accumulating leaves. Just as important is getting the trees by your home trimmed. During winter, trees are one of the number one threats to a home’s roof when they fall beneath the weight of snow, sleet, and ice.  

Roof Maintenance

For more information on roofing inspections and pre-winter roof repairs, contact us at United Roofing Pros in Tulsa.