It is definitely troublesome when you spot a leak in your home or business’ roof. It can easily lead homeowners and business owners to panic, thinking the damage requires a whole new roofing system. Complete roofing replacement isn’t always the only solution– there are numerous other options that may be viable for your property. When it comes to deciding if your Tulsa roof needs repairs or replacement, leave it up to your United Roofing Pros team of roofing contractors.

Comprehensive Roof Inspections for Repairs and Replacement in Tulsa

DIY inspections can be a great starting point for recognizing any roofing damage. When conducting a visual inspection, we recommend starting from the ground and using a pair of binoculars. Focus the lens and do a thorough visual sweep of your roof, specifically looking for cracks, curling, or any loose shingles. Make sure to really examine the valleys, vent pipes, and any spot that break or meet your roofing system. All flashing and boots should be in good condition– make note if any of these are damaged or out of place. Your roof’s edge should also be flat with no signs of wind damage. The next step is inspecting your attic to check the condition of any wood parts of your roofing system. Make sure there are no signs of warping or water damage.

Work with Tulsa’s Leading Roofing Specialists

If there are specific areas of concern, this typically signifies the need for repairs. Remember that once your waterproofing layer is compromised, this can lead to subsequent property damage. If your roofing is around 20 to 30 years old and you’re noticing age-related deterioration and various damage throughout the entire roofing system, you probably need a full roofing replacement. Our licensed contractors are always happy to provide a consultation to help you better evaluate your needs.

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