Metal Roofing for Tulsa – Where Style Meets Durability

Metal roofs are the most diverse roofing option for residential, multi-family and commercial properties alike. Metal can be matched to any style of roofing that you prefer, such as shake, shingle, or tile. Metal roofs combine both style and strength into one option. Many modern day homes and businesses use metal shingles, tile, or shakes.

A Low Cost, Low Maintenance Roofing Option

Metal roofing can offer energy savings and durability. The lifespan of a metal roof has been known to span 50+ years with very little maintenance required. Metal roofs can withstand the most extreme Tulsa weather conditions: blazing sun, high winds, storms, and even fire. Not only is this roofing type durable, it is environmentally friendly; possibly the most environmentally friendly roofing option. Metal is also completely recyclable and is often made from recycled materials.

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Metal Roofing – An Energy Efficient & Stylish Option

Metal roofs also save energy. Less energy means less money in utility costs for property owners. Metal roofs are reflective and allow the use of less energy to heat and cool than other roofing material types. Metal roofing is truly an investment that will save you over time in energy savings and maintenance.

Metal roofs are stylish and aesthetically pleasing to many. Because of the versatility of the design of a metal roof, you can paint it throughout its lifespan to accommodate changing style preferences. The installation of a metal roof has also been proven to raise the value of homes. Commercial properties can also benefit greatly in savings from the installation of a metal roof.

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At United Roofing Pros, we understand that roofing repair and replacement is a big decision. Let our experienced roofing team help guide you through the metal roofing process. We offer an array of metal products from some of the leading manufacturers in roofing including Owens Corning, Pabco Roofing, IKO Roofing, and more. Contact us today for a free estimate and information on how United Roofing Pros can make your roofing experience hassle free.

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