A Premium Selection of Roof Coatings for Tulsa Homes & Properties

United Roofing Pros is proud to offer a full selection of premium roof coatings for Tulsa homes and commercial properties. Roof coatings are extremely beneficial to provide a layer of protection to an existing roof. Coating a roof is also another way to repair leaks and other damage to your roof without completely replacing it. Our team will help you explore different options for roofing coatings and find the best fit for your property.

Advantages of Roof Coatings

Coatings are fully adhered and fluid-applied roofing membranes that will cover an entire roof with seamless protection. Your new coating then becomes the top layer of the existing layer of roofing providing durability and waterproofing. Coatings are a very popular repair material for homes and business across the greater Tulsa area.

One of the greatest advantages about roof coatings is that they can adhere to almost any type of existing roof. Using coatings to repair a roof can add up to 25 years to its lifespan without total replacement. Also, if a roofing repair is in your future, it could be cost effective and convenient to look into a roof coating for your existing roof.

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Roof Coating Application – Why Experience Matters

The application of a roof coating is a fairly easy process, but trusting a qualified contractor to apply your roof coating is essential. Coatings must be installed correctly to ensure proper repair. If your contractor isn’t experienced, it could become a more costly and time-consuming project than anticipated.

At United Roofing Pros, we offer decades of experience in the application of roof coatings to a variety of roofing types and styles. Our dedicated roofing professionals can apply roof coatings to both residential and commercial buildings across the Tulsa area. Allow us to point you in the right direction for the roofing repair or roofing installation of your home or business!

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Roof coatings require precision and experience. You can trust that our skilled roofing team will apply your coating with the utmost care. We offer several lines of roof coatings from nationally trusted brands such as GAF, Malarkey Roofing, BP Roofing, and many others. Our experienced roofing service team can help find the right solution for your Tulsa area home or commercial property. Give us a call today for a free estimate.

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We understand that the process of installing new roofing can be overwhelming and you might have many questions. Roofing repair and replacement should not be a headache for the customer. We would be delighted to help you work through this process. Contact us today for a free estimate and let our dedicated team of knowledgeable Tulsa roofing professionals show you how seamless the roofing process can be.

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