Roofing Replacement In Tulsa

Having your roof replaced is often times something people dread because of the expense and “downtime” time implications.  While both hesitations are understandable, it is better to replace the roof of your Tulsa structure, residential or commercial, before the roof becomes a problem to the well-being of the rest of your building. In fact, the truth of the matter is– you can never know too much about the health of your roof. Since your roof is such a critical part of your home’s structure, knowing what type of shape it is in, year in and year out, will save you from potentially costly (and needless) repairs to the roof itself or your Tulsa home/building. We recommend regular roofing inspections, at least once, but more likely twice per year, to get a better understanding of the deterioration pace, upcoming issues, and roof replacement forecasts.

Replacing your roof right when it is time will actually save you money

As it happens, replacing your roof when it is time (not after your home or commercial space gets extensive damage from leaks) is a very good way to keep total home improvement costs low.  This is because a roof that “mostly” works is not good enough to prevent damage to the underlying structures. While repairs are often an option on most roofs, replacement, over time, becomes the only option.

The right contractor will make the roof replacement process hassle-free

Of course having contractors anywhere on your property, even outside when replacing the roof, is difficult.  There is always the element of noise and mess and potentially lost time on your part. However, a good contractor, like us at United Roofing Pros Tulsa, and our experienced crews, should be always able to

  • Minimize overall disruption from worker noise
  • Give you a solid start and end time for the project and stick to it
  • Keep the area relatively orderly and somewhat accessible
  • Leave the site mess free when finished

When Is It Time To Replace Your Roof?

Roof replacement can be somewhat subjective based on a clients needs and perspective vs the contractor’s experience and understanding of how roofs age. However, there are a few hard and fast rules that are agreed upon industry-wide by contractors, homeowners, and roofing material manufacturers.  Depending on what type of materials you used, replacing a roof is pretty standard at about 20 years. However, this is just a rule of thumb applying to materials like asphalt shingle roofs. Composite type shingles and roofs made out of metal, tile or slate, could very well last much longer. While 20 years is a good estimate, roof replacement for your Tulsa home or commercial space could be 5 or more years earlier depending on how well it was installed to begin–even the best materials fail when improperly installed. Also, how inclement the weather has been in your area matters a lot.  Along with age, attic stains, mildew, leaking, curling, missing or bald shingles, broken tiles, profuse algae growth all could mean a new roof on your Tulsa residence or business is needed.

Tulsa Home Roof Replacement

Next to the cost of your home itself, replacing the roof of your Tulsa home is one of the biggest investments you will make throughout the life of your home.  Therefore, it should be a process that is well researched and understood before being undertaken. Your roof, after all, is the first line of defense from the Oklahoma elements assault on your home.   It is also one of the most prominent design/style feature of any house and one you want to keep up to date and looking good. Furthermore, when it comes to the roof of your Tulsa home, and having it replaced, you want to be sure to use a well-vetted, trustworthy roofing contractor, like us here at United Roofing Pros Tulsa.  We understand the impact our work has not only on the long term “health” of your entire home but the resale value implications as well.

Commercial Roofing Replacement In Tulsa

Commercial buildings are a place where timely roof replacement is that much more critical.  This is because failing to replace your roof on time has much deeper implications for you, the building owner, and those who may occupy the space.  A leak, for example, from a commercial roof could devastate tenants. It will likely damage expensive equipment and decor and could also cost the tenant in downtime too.  Furthermore, if you fail to have the roof repaired or replaced with due diligence, damages could be blamed on and you may even be on the hook to pay for them as well. With so much at stake and so much moisture here in Tulsa as well, commercial roofs get a lot of wear and tear from rain and humidity and need replacement more often.  However, a new roof on a commercial investment not only protects your building and protects you from potential litigation– it also saves you money on energy costs. A new roof is an energy-efficient roof, meaning the money you save in heating and cooling expenses, could very well help offset the cost of your new Tulsa commercial roof replacement.

Flat Roof Or Low Slope Roof Replacement

If you have a flat or low slope roof on your Tulsa home or commercial space already, then you know the issues that these types of designs have by virtue of their shape.  Quite frankly, they hold water a ton of water and typically need to be replaced more often. While we understand replacing your flat roof can be expensive (all the more reason to keep on top of maintenance) this type of standing water means new roofs need to be installed promptly when they age or if they are not installed correctly in the first place.  Like regular roofing, failing to replace a faulty low or flat slope roof in a timely manner will cause larger more extensive damage. Moisture issues will necessitate a new roof more often and, typically, at greater expense. The good news is, low and flat slope roofing materials, many times may still be under warranty, meaning you may be able to take advantage of that savings for your Tulsa home or business.

United Roofing Pros Tulsa For Quality Roof Replacement

When looking to get your Tulsa home or a commercial roof replaced, there simply is no better partner than United Roof Pros.  We understand that replacing your roof is a huge investment, which is why we are here to guide you through the process. The first step in a successful roof replacement is actually a solid roof inspection because understanding the scope of the damage is critical to making sure your next roof performs its best too.  Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and get clear pricing on a roof inspection.

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