Durable, Beautiful Shake Roofing for Your Tulsa Property

Traditional shake roofing is a type of shingle made from hand-split wood. These wooden shingles are often made from cedar logs. Recently, there has been an expansion of shake roofing to include asphalt and fiberglass materials. Regardless of the type of material, shake-style roofing is thicker than traditional shingles, therefore can provide a level of durability not typically found in traditional shingles. Not only are shakes durable, they are a beautiful addition to the aesthetic of your home. As a true testament to the popularity of shake-style roofing, a large number of roofs replaced today are done so with shake materials.

Weather the Storm with Shake Roofing

Shake roofing is optimal for offering resistance to wind, storms and ice which comes in handy for those properties in the Tulsa area. This style of roofing also provides homes an extra layer of durability. If you are looking to lower your energy consumption, shake-style roofing has been known to lower energy costs. Not only are shakes energy friendly, they do not require much maintenance. Shake-style roofing is extremely durable and can withstand years of sun exposure.

CertainTeed Presidential Shake Roofing Compliance
CertainTeed Presidential Shake Roofing ULusa Compliance
CertainTeed Presidential Shake Shingle Series TDS

Add Major Curb Appeal to Your Property

Shake roofs are sturdy as well as beautiful. The natural wood finish also has been known to raise the value of homes. You will have the option to choose shakes in a variety of colors and styles. This is truly an ideal choice for someone with a desire to keep to a certain aesthetic to his or her home. Shake roofing is a simply charming roofing solution for the most stylish customer.

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At United Roofing Pros, we offer a variety of shake-style roofing options to fit any aesthetic. We are proud to offer shake roofing materials for the Tulsa area from GAF, CertainTeed, Owens Corning, Atlas Roofing, PABCO Roofing, BP Roofing, and Tarco Roofing. We would love to speak to you about your shake roofing needs today. Give us a call to schedule a free estimate or to discuss how shake roofing can be installed on your commercial or residential property.

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