People here in the Tulsa area and across the country are beginning to understand just how many solar panels will save them in electricity costs. This is likely why we have seen an influx in solar panel related questions in the last couple of years here at United Roofing Pros Tulsa. We too are excited about the possibilities that this green technology opens up for home savings and for conservation as a whole. Plus, roofing and solar panels really do complement and interact pretty seamlessly together. But there are, understandably, a few questions you and others like you may have before putting this technology to use on your Tulsa home’s roof. 

Your Questions About Solar Panels On Roofing Answered

1. What Type of Roofing Can Solar Panels Be Put On?

As it were, solar panels can be installed on almost any type of roofing: asphalt shingle, clay tile, concrete, metal, rubber, gravel notwithstanding. However, there are a handful of roofing materials that, while they may hold solar panels, may have issues during installation.

2. What Types of Roofs Can Solar Panels Not Be Put On?

 As stated above, nearly any roof can hold solar panels but some roofing materials are not the best for solar panels installation due to damage concerns. This included roofs made of wood and slate roofs. These types of roofs risks being damaged by having installers walk around on them. However, this does not mean these roofs cannot have solar panels on them. It just means the installer must take extra care when installing and perhaps involving your roofing maintenance company is a good idea.

 3. Will Solar Panels Damage The Roof Of My Home?

Solar panels leave most roofs completely unscathed. But some roofing types could be damaged by a careless solar panel installation crew. This is why hiring an experienced and reputable solar panel company is critical for avoiding issues.

4. Will Having Solar Panels Installed Put Holes In My Roof?

The answer is–it will. The panels are secured with lag bolts that secure the racking, a part that your solar panels sit in. You may not like the idea of holes in your very expensive roof but remember–the bolt fixture will be surrounded by flashing and this flashing is then sealed with tar to keep things watertight.

5. Will Solar Panels Add Too Much Weight To My Roof?

No! The weight of solar panels is not enough to go over the structural limits for healthy roofs. Because solar panels are engineered to hold more weight than 20-30 solar panels. Even in climates that get a lot of snow and ice, like here in Tulsa, solar-panels won’t be problematic since they are usually installed at an angle for the snow to slide off.

These are the primary concerns we hear about potential solar panels on roofs here in the Tulsa area. If you have other questions, feel free to reach out to us here at United Roofing in Tulsa for more information.