Replacing your roof can offer numerous benefits from better protection of your property to optimized curb appeal. Many homeowners take this opportunity to improve property value as well. One of the main concerns that any homeowner can have is staying on budget. With such a large financial commitment, keeping things on track is crucial. The best way to keep your roofing project on budget is by hiring the right roofing contractor. In addition to finding the right contractor, here are some great tips.

Tips on Keeping your Tulsa Roofing Project on Budget

  1. Don’t make any changes once your project is underway: Changes during a project ultimately lead to delays, unforeseen costs, and inconveniences all around. The best practice is having changes only made if new damage is discovered that wasn’t in the original scope of the project.
  2. Keep up with your homework: Don’t let anything rush you during your planning stage. Unless you have a roofing emergency, your roofing project can definitely wait. Take your time to conduct all the research necessary so that you have the right material, colors, and options in mind.
  3. Conduct research for a rough project estimate: It’s impossible for a roofing contractor to give you an accurate estimate without an on-site inspection. However, they should be able to give you a ballpark cost over the phone. Call around to find a good baseline of what your project may cost.
  4. Keep a contingency fund handy: A contingency fund, or emergency fund, can provide that safety net for any home renovation project. We recommend having 10% to 15% of your total roofing project budget set aside in order to plan for unforeseen expenses.

Work with Tulsa’s Premium Roofing Contractor

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