Living here in Tulsa we have all had a run-in or two with a dreaded hail storm. The dark clouds and the slow pitter-patter of dropping ice balls. These are sounds you won’t soon forget–and often times the damage done by hail serves as a reminder. That’s right, cars, homes, and gardens are all vulnerable to our seasonal hail here in Tulsa. The damage on cars and crops is fairly evident at first glance but on homes, damage may not be as clear. You must find and report the damage to your Tulsa home’s roof especially. But hail damage can blend right in with asphalt shingles. However, with just a little information finding hail damage on your roof can be easier and being able to see it, will save you money and future hassles. Read below to understand what hail damage on a roof looks like and how serious your damage may be.

3 Signs of Hail Damage On Roofs

  1. The color of your roof: While asphalt shingles are fairly dark, to begin with, they are not totally black. This means if you see a lot of random dark to black spots or “bruises” on your roof with no real discernible pattern, you may have damage from a Tulsa hail storm.
  2. Missing granules on your roof: As you probably know your asphalt roof is textured and a good visible even texture is a sign of a healthy roof. When your roof gets hit by a Tulsa hail storm the ice balls can knock that texture off. This means even if your Tulsa roof doesn’t have deep bruises it could have hail damage in the form of missing texture.
  3. Soft spots on your shingles: Also referred to as “bruises” those dark spots we spoke of earlier will be soft to the touch–much like a bruised apple. If you can’t tell just by looking at the spots–touch the black spots as well and see if they feel softer than the surrounding roof.

United Roofing Pros in Tulsa For Roof Hail Inspections

While looking at your roof yourself is often the first step to determine if you have hail damage, the next step should always be to call a roofing contractor for a roof inspection. Here at United Roofing Pros in Tulsa, we can take a look at your roof first thing after a hail storm. Contact us today if you think you have hail damage and get a roof inspection scheduled before more damage is done!