It certainly isn’t chilly yet here in Tulsa. At least not enough for us to see winter on the horizon. But it will soon be here, even if the end of summer is still sweltering. Judging from some of the early forecasts, we are going to have a long, cold winter though. So, before the leaves change and you begin to chill in the air, it is a good idea to start getting a list of parts of your home you want to winterize. Things clearing the garden, finding and fixing drafty windows and pulling out the storm windows should all be on this list. The roof is something people often overlook is their winter prep. But, your roof definitely needs to get prepared for a long cold winter as much as any other part of your Tulsa home. Below are the three most critical parts of preparing your roof for winter.

3 Ways To Get Your Roof Winter Ready

  1. Get A Roof Inspection
    Before winter sets in and you get inundated with winter sleet, ice, and snow, you should have a professional come out to inspect your roof. Fall is a great time because you will get an idea of what damage the summer rains may have brought. Plus, you can get this damaged repair before winter makes it worse. This also allows you to have documentation of your roof’s condition before any winter damage occurs. It is critical to find and fix any issues with your roof before it gets hit with snow and ice because those minor problems will turn into major ones pretty fast under wintery conditions. Issues to have your contractor look for include:Open or Loose Seams, Cracked Caulking and Failed Sealants,Gaps or Separations, Cracked or Rusted Flashings, Loose Roof Edge/ Perimeter, Punctures in Membrane.
  2. Clean Up and Clear Off Your Roof
    Your roof and gutters should always be clear of debris but before the winter freeze sets in is the most important. This is because ice and snow weigh debris down. Things like branches, leaves, trash and anything else should be removed to avoid the excess weight from doing damage. Most roofing is fairly durable but frozen items on a roof surface risk becoming a hazard to your entire system. Trees surrounding your house can be dangerous to your roof too. Make sure no branches hang on or over any part of your roof. Clear the surrounding buildings, like garages, too–since debris and snow can blow from roof to roof.
  3. Prepare For Winter Roofing Problems In Advance
    The worst time to have a roofing issue in the winter. When something does occur during the winter, getting it fixed fast is a high priority. This is because risk losing money on utilities and a lot of further damage. This is why having a plan in place in case anything happens and being prepared with documents and trusted contractors is a good idea. We suggest always Having a copy of your roof’s warranty handy, Having the number or your roof’s installer saved in your phone, Having a record of all your roof’s inspection schedule in a file and Having a trusted roof repair company already picked out.

These three easy steps are all sure-fire what to make this difficult winter a bit easier on your nad your home. For more information about roofing inspections or to request emergency repairs, contact us at United Roofing Pros Tulsa today!